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Get to know our story

VANA [v’a:na] is a Swedish word meaning ‘habit,’ and for us, it represents the practice of eating healthily and nurturing both the body and mind. The dishes at VANA are always fresh, healthy and most importantly, delicious!


Every great journey starts with a spark of passion…

VANA was created out of the founder’s passion for a healthy lifestyle, sport and food. From an early age, Marta liked to get her hands dirty in the kitchen, helping her beloved grandmother cook.

She has always been picky and stubborn eater. She took out some ingredients from each dish, asking her family to prepare them in a different way, omitting individual products.

Eating a sandwich instead of Christmas Eve dinner or having dumplings five days a week was normal for her throughout her childhood. And let’s not forget about her enduring love affair with Wedel’s delectable nut wafers—a childhood favorite that remains close to her heart to this day.


Health always goes hand in hand with what we eat

Taste and food preferences have changed from year to year, but for a long time Marta has been making sure her meals are healthy and nutritious.

She believes that a proper diet affects not only physical appearance, but also overall well-being. A passion for sports also appeared in her life at a very early age.

She trained horse riding for 8 years, mainly show jumping, practices skiing and cycling. She regularly goes to the gym and ran a half marathon in London and Miami. In her free time, she traines kickboxing, plays tennis and walks in the forest with her beloved Maltipoo, Max.


Inspired by everyday life

Marta has traveled a lot in recent years. Flying several times a month was her daily routine. While preparing her preferred meals at home posed no challenge, maintaining healthy eating habits during numerous trips proved to be quite difficult.

She didn’t always have time and space to eat something healthy, which caused frustration. Frequent lack of access to favorite food and obstacles to sticking to healthy habits began to create numerous thoughts.

Recognizing that she was not alone in her quest for mindful eating, Marta set out to simplify life for fellow health-conscious individuals. She aimed to create a haven for lovers of wholesome cuisine who lead busy lives—”After all, she wasn’t the only one with a bustling schedule striving to uphold dietary preferences.”

And thus, the concept for VANA restaurant was born, a place where people who care about their health, yet constrained by time, could enjoy convenient access to nourishing and wholesome meals.


Get to know our team

A team of experts has carefully prepared the menu so that we can serve our guests meals based on fresh and healthy ingredients. Beyond the visionary founder, a team of experts lent their expertise to craft the VANA concept and refine the delectable, healthful dishes served to our guests.

Marta Adamska


At just 26 years old, the founder of Vana is a dynamic entrepreneur whose journey began in high school. At the tender age of 19, she embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture, co-founding a cosmetics brand. She spent three years producing and selling matte lipsticks that garnered attention from celebrities like Cardi B and Kali Uchis.
She later began working at a luxury catamaran shipyard, traveling around the world and selling yachts to global entrepreneurs and celebrities. Despite the allure of these remarkable experiences, her passion for healthy cuisine and fitness remained unwavering. Motivated by this passion, she resolved to integrate her professional endeavors with her personal interests, thus conceiving the vision for Vana restaurant.

Agata Tomczak


The co-creator of our menu, alongside Marta, has curated every recipe from the ground up. With her culinary education from a prestigious London university and experience working in renowned restaurants across London, Gdańsk, and Barcelona. Beyond her culinary prowess, she finds joy in running, exploring new destinations curating content on @agatagotuje

Natalia Farian

Chief nutritionist

As a clinical dietitian, she operates her own brand, Dietfullness, offering support to VANA in meticulously selecting macronutrients for our dishes. Her expertise stems from her education in dietetics at the Medical University of Gdańsk, supplemented by postgraduate studies in psychodietetics. This knowledge ensures that our dishes are not only well-balanced but also tailored to individuals with specific dietary restrictions.

VANA is a community of lovers of a healthy lifestyle and delicious cuisine.